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Kalo Hair Inhibitor - Guaranteed To Solve Your Hair Removal Problem

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If unwanted body hair is a problem for you, you will love the ease of use that comes with Kalo hair inhibitor. This natural hair inhibitor is safe to use and it doesn't irritate the skin. Simply apply the solution to your skin after epilation, and by the time you next come to remove unwanted body hair, you will find a 10% reduction in hair growth.Kalo Hair Inhibitor

This continues until practically all the hair is gone giving you a hair free body! Why this hair retardant formula is so safe you can use it on the the most senstive areas of the body, even the genital areas.

Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray and LotionYou can buy Kalo hair inhibitor from Nisim International, a private Canadian based company which started out as a research company back in 1974. After years of intensive research, they uncovered a special formula to combat hair loss.

Strangely, the technology they developed and the knowledge they gained in research on hair loss helped them put together a breakthrough hair retardant formula to accomplish the opposite of trying to get hair to grow again. In 1993 Nisim Kalo came on the market to stop unwanted body hair.Kalo Hair Remover

Nisim International is so confident in the quality of it's product line it offers a 100% unconditional guarantee! You can't go wrong. Try Kalo without risk.

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Kalo Hair Inhibitor Feedback

Here is what some users have said about Kalo hair removal as reported by BizRate.com, the leading comparison shopping service:

"I like the kalo hair inhibitor products. They are comfortable, effective and easy to use."

"I have referred others to your site for your hair products which are absolutely extraordinary. I own a new day spa in Savannah, Ga. termeacquadolce.com and will approach your company to sell your products wholesale."

"Hello, I have bought some Kalo cream from you for my face a month or so ago. It's working great. I'm ready to move onto arms and legs."Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor

"A product that works as advertised!"

"I love it - my hair - my skin is so beautiful from using your product."

"I have been extremely pleased with the products purchased from this company."

"Your Kalo products are fabulous!"

"I have been bothered by excessive facial & neck hair all my life. I am delighted with the Nisim product & finally hope to put an end to my frustrations."

BizRate Customer Certified (GOLD) Site

If unwanted body hair has been the bane of your life, give yourself some relief. Use Kalo post-epilating products and you will be delighted to see the step by step reduction in hair growth. Kalo hair inhibitor was the first and it continues to be the best hair inhibitor!

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Today's Questions:

Why does Kalo Hair Inhibitor work so well?

The triple-compound action of the sulphur reducers is unique to Kalo. The organic extracts weaken and inhibit the hair at the "anagen", or "growth" stage. The moisturizing ingredients help soothe the skin unlike depilatories.

What is a sulphur reducer?

A sulphur reducer prevents the formation of necessary sulphur linkages. Since sulphur is a necessary compound of hair growth, by preventing the formation of sulphur you are preventing the hair from growing.



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